Public - private partnership

  • Drafting analyses in order to define optimal legal and financial models of the investment projects execution;
  • PPP project analysis in terms of the investor’s ability to participate in the process of choosing the private partner;
  • Complex legal counselling related to the investor’s participation in the process of choosing the private partner;
  • Drafting and assessing PPP agreements, concessions, investment agreements;
  • Participation in negotiating public-private partnership agreements;
  • Drafting monitoring tools and managing the PPP/concession agreement;
  • Controlling PPP/concession project execution;
  • Advising on PPP project financial close;
  • Training courses on public-private partnership.

Smart City

  • Legal counselling in terms of drafting, preparing and implementing plans, testing and developing pilot projects in the urban space;
  • Creating special-purpose entities in order to implement the project and manage the process (associations, foundations, partnerships, other entities);
  • Advising on determining the optimal mode of project implementation;
  • Legal support in determining and implementing mechanisms of obtaining project financing;
  • Creating consortiums, partnerships and negotiating public-private partnership agreements.

Public procurement law

  • Legal counselling for public entities acting as ordering parties – with regard to organising the process of awarding public procurement, properly preparing and conducting the procurement procedure;
  • Legal counselling for contractors at every stage of the procurement procedure, starting from the analysis of tender documents, ending up with preparing the offer and completing the formalities necessary to conclude the contract with the ordering party;
  • Complex appeal service in terms of public procurement law (lodging the appeals and representing before the National Appeals Chamber and the common courts);
  • Drafting opinions on public procurement law;
  • Legal counselling in relation to performing tasks within public procurement.

Infrastructure, real estate

  • Analysis and identification of the legal risks regarding real estate and investments;
  • Ongoing legal services concerning the investment processes;
  • Pursuing contractual claims, including litigation;
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating investment agreements, developer agreements, construction works contracts, subcontractors agreements and other;
  • Advising on concluding tenancy agreements, lease agreements, contracts of lending for use and other, as well as advising on transactions and contracts concerning real estate trading.

Launching products to the market

  • Full legal service starting from the idea, ending up with launching it to the market (start-ups, expanding current business activity);
  • New technologies law;
  • Drafting, negotiating and assessing agreements;
  • Advising on launching products to the Polish market (import-export, distribution);
  • Legal counselling related to the new product’s functioning on the market.

Smart Business

  • Corporate consulting;
  • Strategic consulting for start-ups;
  • Drafting, negotiating and assessing agreements;
  • Risk management;
  • Assistance with obtaining external financial support from the EU funds;
  • Tax consulting.

Intellectual property rights

  • Protection of copyrights, trademarks, patents;
  • Transaction advisory services with regard to intellectual property rights, i.e. transferring copyright and related rights as well as trademark rights;
  • Advising in terms of liability for intellectual property rights infringement;
  • Litigation concerning intellectual and industrial property rights infringement;
  • Ongoing advisory services and consulting.

E-commerce, personal data protection

  • Preparing terms and conditions of online shops and web pages, drafting privacy policies;
  • Personal data protection (Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data, General Data Protection Regulation), adjusting current procedures to binding legal regulations;
  • Preparing and assessing terms and conditions for promotional campaigns, contests, lotteries, loyalty programmes;
  • Proceedings concerning abusive clauses;
  • Competition and consumer protection.

India desk

  • Advising on different types of transactions both in Poland and India;
  • Advising on securing business transactions;
  • Advising on intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents;
  • Advising on joint-ventures and other cooperation models in Poland and India;
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Business consulting, risk management;
  • Courses on cultural differences and the business culture in Poland and India.
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